Friday, July 30, 2010

Control or not to control.. that is the question...

We wake up every morning to the sound of our alarms either from our phones or from some other device, we have breakfast, we take a shower, we go off to work... We control what time we get up, we control what kind of milk and cereal we want to eat, we control that vehicle that gets us to work... We as humans "think" or "pretend" to have things under control.. But do we really have any? We can't really control unexpected events, like the lights going off in the middle of the night making every electrical device in our house to go crazy, we can't control natural disasters, we can't control those germs getting into our bodies making us sick, we can't control that car accident on our way to work making it impossible to get there at the time we thought we'd be... The list goes on, yet we pretend we control our lives.. We can't control people's feelings, we can't control decisions made by others that affect us directly, yet we can't do anything about... We definitely can't control the oil spill, corruption, poverty, pollution, child abuse, and all those things that make us sick to our stomachs. The list of things we really can't control is endless, yet there is a few things that we can control. We can control how we decide to get out of bed every morning, whether the lights went off in the middle of the night or not, whether there was that annoying mosquito buzzing away relentlessly hours upon hours at night, we can control how we decide to approach every new day that life brings us. We can decide to get out of bed pissed off, depressed, sad, thinking that the grass is greener in the other side... Why as humans bad events or bad "minutes", "hours", or "days" seem to have much more of an effect on us that the good things that happen to us on regular basis? It seems that the memory of that wonderful vacation, nice weather, that incredible meal that we had not so long ago, all of those good things seem to vanish at the nano second that something "bad" happens.. We tend to hold the bad much more that we can hold the good... It seems that we can never ever be satisfied it doesn't matter how good we have it; there's always something, there's always that lack of parking spaces, there's always that person that annoys us at work, there's always that cute little younger someone that seems to be so much better than our significant other, there's always that dream job we never seem to get, there's always that bill that needs to be paid... We forget that we are not that homeless person looking for cans on our trashcans, we forget that we are not the ones directly affected by the oil spill like the fisher men in Louisiana, we forget that we are not that person going around on a wheel chair, we forget that we are not the people on Dar fur being raped and killed, we forget that as bad as our government is, it is not as bad as many others... We seem to forget more than anything, that the grass is not greener in the other side, it is simply the shade, hue, and tone we decide to give to it every day we wake up.

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